My Contour Shuttle Pro Settings for FCPX

Way back in 2001 I purchased a Shuttle Pro for use with FCP and ProTools and I have loved this thing ever since (and it still works!) I wanted to share my settings for FCPX that I find most useful. Rather than edit, I really use the Shuttle Pro as a precision frame finding device, and then trimming or marking in and out with that frame. I do a lot of voice overs so I have a dedicated button just for that (use to start and stop recordings). To that end here are my settings for the 3.0 drivers, accompanying usage diagram, and even keycap labels to make it look uber cool.

May 2019 Mojave Driver Note – After a system reinstall I found that I couldn’t get the Mojave drivers for the Shuttle Pro to work (version 3.2). I downloaded the previous driver (version 3.0) and it is working just dandy.

Final Cut Pro X – Top, Tail, Mark & Record Settings (T. Payton)

Shuttle Pro Keycaps FCPX 4 (T. Payton)

Get the latest drivers from the Contour Site (see May 2019 note)