Husband, Dad, follower of Christ, BSFer, Creative Director, Editor, Final Cut Pro X enthusiast

Allow me to go down the list above and share about me:

Husband – I’m married to my high school sweetheart Brooke—we started dating when I was 17 and she was 16 (like the song), and we’ve been married through difficultly and joy for 25 years. She shows her incredibly beauty by being a wonderfully supporting  and selfless wife and mom—I thank God for giving me her. I work hard to be a faithful, considerate husband, but struggle like the rest of us humans.

Dad – I am blessed to have three boys, 2 are married, one of which has 2 precious kids, and my third is in middle school. It’s a joy to be their dad, except when it is really really hard. I’m happy to report they are all FCPX editors. 😉

Follower of Christ – this is the somewhat alternative (borderline hip) way of saying I’m a Christian. I’m a man who has examined the evidence of the man Jesus and found Him to be just who he says He is—God Himself, the creator of all things in the universe, and the one who made me with a purpose  to enjoy Him and reflect His goodness. His words, and my conscious, made it clear I fall horribly short of His commands (the Bible calls this sin, think the 10 commandments) and deserve not reward for my actions, but punishment. Yet, while I was in rebellion against him, God became the man Jesus and took the punishment I deserved on the cross. I deserved to be hanging there on that cross because I’ve broken God’s law more times than I can count (lying, stealing, blaspheming God, coveting and the like), and yet to show His kindness He took my place. I therefore acknowledge this payment for my sins, and I turned away from my sinful self and turned to Him begging for His mercy. I trusted and believe him—amazed  that Jesus did this in for me. To top it off, after Jesus was killed on the cross, He rose from the dead to prove it was all true.  Now, in thankfulness of His mercy, I long to live the way He designed, to bring glory to Him, and share the good news of what He did for all who would repent and believe in Him. I’m far far far from perfect, and see my selfishness daily, but I trust not in my own ability to obey God, but trust in what Jesus  did on the cross to forgive my failures.  I am joyfully part of his chuch family at Hertiage Christian Fellowship in Albuquerque, and I serve as a Sunday School teacher and supervisor,  sound tech, web geek, and music leader.

BSFer– BSF stands for Bible Study Fellowship and it is a wordlwide interdemonniational Bible study (hence the name) that meets together to discover what God has said in His Word. “Chapter by chapter, verse by verse… we study it, savor it, and live it out.” Although like many I grew up going to church, as and adult I was a slacker. A buddy mine had to bribe me with pizza dinner for weeks to get me to go to BSF, but there I’ve had a chance to learn exactly what God has said in His word, rather than relying on what other people say it says (and most of what other people say is sadly incorrect.) Studying God’s word has changed my life in every way. My home, my work, at what I do and say on social media and here. I serve at the Albuquerque, New Mexico West Side Men’s Class as the Teaching Leader. If you are interested in studying the most popular book in the world, there are classes all over the world and you can find out more about BSF here. Teaching and leading each week at BSF takes a lot of my time and effort, so if you ever try to reach me and I’m slow in replying, it probably because I’m preparing to teach the Bible. 

Creative Director – I helped found OneCreative in 2001 with my business partner (and fellow BSFer) and we and our team serve businesses and organizations with  branding and advertising. I serve with a great team of designers where we believe “There is One creative and we imitate His work.” I create brands, websites, print ads, broadcast ads, corporate vidoes, environemal design and the ocassional app.

Editor – much of my work at OneCreative is directing, concepting and and editing. I didn’t have the benefit of film school, so I’ve mostly learned in the field. I worked as a radio DJ (back in the days when we actually spun vinyl) and commercial producer, so video editing came naturally.  I teach editing to others at work as well as those in my church.

Final Cut Pro X Enthusiast – I have to admit, as a long time Final Cut Pro classis user,  that I was dissapointed when FCPX when it was relased. But soon after figuring it out, I was blow way by it’s design and forward thinking. That first year I was a big bug reporter—I think I sent in 1,000 pieces of feedback to Apple and I was humbled to serve as a internal editor at Apple on Final Cut Pro X. I now enjoy not only working in FCPX, but helping others through user groups, Twitter and Facebook. Need help? Please drop me a line.


100% FCPX User

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